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Heckington Community Swimming Pool

Howell Road, Heckington, Lincs. NG34 9RX
Pool Hire:


We raise valuable funds through the sale of competitively priced ice-creams, snacks and refreshments available at each of our swim sessions. We now have a Snack Bar Manager who has taken on the responsibility of stock control and ordering.


But having a dedicated Snack Bar Assistant on duty will help us ensure our customers are served promptly without compromising the safety and wellbeing of bathers and our spectators. If no assistant available the responsibility for Snack Bar sales falls to the Second 'eyes on the side' and/or Lifesaver on duty.


Duties include:

  • Serving drinks/selling ices etc during and after swimming session.

  • At end of session complete stock control book/white board.

  • Record swim fees and Snack Bar takings in receipt book, excluding floats and place in money bag for Finance Manager.

  • Ensure snack bar tidy, all washing up completed.

  • Check that fridge and freezer doors shut tight.

  • Turn all lights and sockets off before locking door.

Whether you can spare one whole week to be on duty, attend on a specific day of the week to help out throughout the season, or if you only have a couple of free afternoons to give we would love to hear from you and welcome you as part of our volunteer team. If you can help, please contact us...