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Heckington Community Swimming Pool

Howell Road, Heckington, Lincs. NG34 9RX
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You don't need to be an accomplished swimmer to be a Duty Lifesaver - our pool is only 1 metre deep! However you do have to be prepared to get into the water to give assistance if needed.

If you have a recognised, valid First Aid certificate already you can become a Duty Lifesaver straight away. On site training and orientation is given along with support for your first few duties until you find your feet.

For those without a valid first aid certificate, First Aid training can be provided at nominal fees, in exchange for a guaranteed commitment to give at least one week of Lifesaver Duty, ideally for each year the certificate is valid.

Firsts are required to wear a red Tabard and carry a whistle - both provided.

Additional responsibilities for our 'Firsts' involve:

  • Being available to open the pool site and changing rooms, uncover the pool and ready the pool/site for use prior to your duty session starting.

  • Topping up the pool with fresh water, mopping out the changing rooms and tidying away after the session is finished, ensuring tap switched off before you leave.

  • Covering the pool if not booked for further follow-on use after your session is concluded.

  • Assisting the Second (and/or Snack Bar assistant) with their duties if needed, ensuring stock control completed and daily takings counted and receipted. Takings are the Duty Lifesaver's responsibility until in receipt of Finance Manager.

  • Finally, ensuring the pool site is secure and all lights and non essential electrical devises are 'off' before leaving.

You will be fully supported and guided through your role and responsibilities poolside for the first few sessions as needed, which are also included in a manual, printed copy available to read in the on site snack bar, which we can provide for you as a PDF document by email too.


No member of pool staff/assistants are to be in a one-to-one situation with any child other than their own without having CRB clearance. We are not required to provide CRB clearance for our volunteers, but we are required to ensure that you know NOT to compromise your own or any childs safety by finding yourself alone with a child in a changing room or toilet for example. This is your responsibility.