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Heckington Community Swimming Pool

Howell Road, Heckington, Lincs. NG34 9RX
Pool Hire Bookings: 07895 965883


The sad truth is that there is no such thing as a profitable pool. Public swimming pools cost far more to operate and maintain than can be reasonably recovered through swim fees from pool use alone. Most pools now are part of wider leisure complexes which help bring in the needed revenue to support the pools themselves.  Here at Heckington, we don't have the luxury of additional facilities to support our costs, and so fundraising and the many, many volunteer hours generously given each year are essential in maintaining this facility for you and your family's enjoyment.


Basic operating and maintenance costs for the pool are approximately 350 per week throughout the season (slightly more during school term time use due to increased chemical and sundry item use). Also, all equipment and facilities have a life expectancy and will need to be replaced or renewed in due course. For further information on HCSP operating costs, expenditure etc, view more


The pool Committee are mindful of providing a cost effective and accessible facility and so endeavour to keep the cost to customer fees as low as possible while still generating essential revenue from pool use. Therefore essential fundraising has to be carried out each year in order to bridge the gap between income and expenditure and to attempt to create funding for ongoing repair, maintenance and equipment replacement as well as for future site development.


This proves to be a significant challenge every year, but especially in recent years when community groups and individuals have had limited spare income to donate or to spend at fundraising events.


Could you help us with fundraising? Could you help by giving your time to apply for money pots, grants and awards?


Would you like to arrange, promote and co-ordinate community fundraising events and activities?


If so, please get in touch!